What I listened to this week

1. Love and Radio

No Bad News



Well, this is a story I never thought I would hear.  A hypnotist from America stopped reading the news and then in 2001 was invited to Iraq. Unreal plot twists mean this is a must listen. His narration is mixed beautifully with music, and supplemented with a webpage (above) including photos from his time in Iraq.

2. File on 4 – BBC Radio 4

Breaking Into Britain

Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 15.58.53.png


A compelling investigation into high street companies making money out of using fake documents to help migrants gain the necessary visas to live in the UK. After a tip-off, the story is researched using undercover reporters who find out just how easy this option could be.

3. On The Media – WNYC Studio

The Game Has Changed



You’ve had enough of Trump, you aren’t shocked by anything he says anymore, so what next? This podcast was from before the inauguration and the most recent #MuslimBan which does mean the episode lacks recency, but many of the messages from the contributors are relevant. There’s an analysis of how Trump communicates and ways we can change how we talk about him to help move along the narrative. It’s a really positive listen.


Comment if you liked any of these or let me know your recommendations!

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