What I listened to this week

Get listening.

1. the mustards


finding your creativity + throwing up in weird places

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I’ve been watching Jenny Mustard’s videos on minimalism, food and fashion for a few months. Now she has launched a podcast with her partner. I recommend this first one on creativity, it’s more than just a chat. Jenny and David ask each other questions on creative anxieties, finding your niche and that huge question…”what is creativity?”. Although it’s longer than podcasts I normally choose, the length (one hour) made me feel like I was a part of the conversation and gave my mind chance to wander and think of my own opinions.

2. The Media Show

Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 14.05.04.png

Theresa May and US Vogue, Fake News in Germany, Covering Northern Ireland

Presented by Andrea Catherwood this week’s The Media Show on Radio 4 looked at fake news (obviously), editorial policies in bulletins and Teresa May on the cover of US Vogue. This is an informative listen which focuses on why the UK Prime Minister would go on the cover of US Vogue, a proper look at “fake news” and what can be done about it, and editorial policies for TV news bulletins, particularly looking at news from Northern Ireland last week.

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3. The Guardian’s Audio Long Reads


Why time management is ruining our lives, by Oliver Burkeman

We all have the same amount of time in the day. This cathartic long read addresses thought around efficiency, getting stuff done, and ever extending to do lists.

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And that’s that! Some productive and inspiring listenings this week, comment if you have enjoyed any of the suggestions.

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