What I Listened To This Week

This week my listening list is as mixture of podcasts and radio.

1. StartUp by Gimlet


#16 The Secret Formula and Happy Ending (Season 3, Episode 7) SoundCloud iTunes

StartUp is a podcast all about starting up a… start up. I’ve been binge listening from the beginning (it definitely helps to start from the beginning) where the podcast is about them launching the podcast company. Perfect for nerdy media people. It’s starts off really meta, but in later seasons it explores other start up stories. The one I’ve recommended is about a guy who’s first business ended with him going to prison where the idea for his next business was born. *EDIT* I’ve just listened to the second part of this and it gets cute. Listen to both, and then start at the beginning.

2. Ctrl Alt Delete Podcast with Emma Gannon


Episode 40 with Laura Bates: Do We Need An Internet Police? iTunes acast

I listened to this chat while I was cooking, and I loved it. It was recorded live at Cheltenham Literature Festival. An honest chat and I could tell the audience were just in awe at the way that Laura Bates the Everyday Sexism Founder is able to put into words the sexist attitudes and actions girls and women experience everyday. Emma Gannon is the presenter and hosts some other brilliant interviews: worth delving into the back catalogue.

3. note to self WNYC Studios


Your Facebook Friend Said Something Racist: Thanksgiving Edition iTunes WNYC

This episode is pretty much about ranty people online, left or right.Presented by Manoush Zomorodi it made me think more about considering other people’s points of view since pretty much everyone now has a space where they can speak freely. I really recommend this for some perspective and thought on recent events.

4. Midweek BBC Radio 4


Melanie C, Douglas Hodge, Howard Webb, John McAvoy BBC iPlayer Radio iTunes

I love Midweek. This week I caught the first 15 minutes before I left the house and Mel C was on with her new electronic album, cool. Libby Purves is also one of the classiest presenters ever.

5. Desert Island Discs

Screen Shot 2016-11-29 at 18.03.02.png

Nicola Adams BBC iPlayer Radio iTunes

Also on Radio 4 I listened live to Nicola Adams‘ Desert Island Discs. She tells her story about becoming an Olympic champion as well as growing up and attitudes to being a female boxer. When I turned on my radio I thought I was on the wrong station because of the music choices…GO NICOLA!


Get listening!

gif podcast.gif


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