What I Listened To This Week

This list is made up of five audio beauties I enjoyed this week. There will be a range of dramas, podcasts, news programmes, individual interviews, playlists or small clips of audio that are nice, according to me.

1. Saint Helena- Joining the Rest of Us, BBC Radio 4, presented by Joe Hollins and produced by Sarah Jane Hall. (Listened to this on my DAB Radio)st helena

This is the best documentary I have listened to in a few months. Made up of two 30 minute programmes on BBC Radio 4, the programmes explore the heritage of the isolated island and the community that comes with not being connected by an airport.

The programmes are presented by the island’s vet who recorded snippets of island life from his unique angle with the the animals, to see how life will change as the airport construction nears completion.

The second episode concentrates on the Royal Mail Ship which, up until the airport, was the only connection the island had to the rest of the world. The vet turned reporter gets the most captivating interviews with his fellow ‘Saints’.

Thoroughly captivating, with a fantastic use of found audio intertwined in between interviews with passionate island dwellers. I am certainly listening to this again.

2. The Tell Show Ep. 04: Michael Ian Black – Home, presented by Summer Anne Burton and Isaac Fitzgerald and produced by Meg Cramer. (Listened to this on my phone)tell show

I’ve recently started to listen to The Tell show, which is a Buzzfeed podcast produced in the U.S., at first I have to admit I was a little bit sceptical on the format. Guests tell stories about their life starting with a warm up game of slumber party style game ‘Never Have I Ever”, something they have never told anyone else before as well each guest being asked the same three questions at the end of the podcast. At the end they also send out a reporter for voxpops to throw forward to the next episode but at this point I usually stop listening.

Podcasts need to have a good format, length and purpose to work as a podcast, and this one ticked all the boxes for me.

There are some great episodes of The Tell Show available but I chose this one not only because I listened to it this week but one section of conversation really resonated with me: “that moment of thinking that you didn’t want your life to be about your career or about waiting for your career to happen then you just wanted the life you wanted to start”.

3. Michael Fabbri’s Dyslexicon– School Days, written and performed by Michael Fabbri, and produced by Richard Melvin at Dabster Productions. (Listened to this on my analogue radio)

micheal fabbri

I’m still laughing now and I listened to this yesterday. LOVED IT. Having grown up with family who are dyslexic I could relate to Michael’s struggles from my siblings’ stories, which are of course hilarious. For example: if you practice you might be able to read (dyslexia doesn’t really work like that) and the jokes about tinted glasses, and perspex sheets to stop the words “moving”.

I text my mum to tell her to turn the radio on, but she text back to say that she was walking the dog with my baby niece, however she corrected herself and said “the bog and the dady”. It was nice to listen to Michael taking the mic out of his own experiences which are so relatable to many people with dyslexia.

After looking into the production company behind this episode I noticed that it was also responsible for Terry Alderton’s Crazy Right Now, which was delightfully off the wall. So a big shout out to Dabster Productions.

I’m really looking forward to the next episode of Dyslexicon (next Friday 11.30am BBC Radio 4), and hope that this is listened to by those who work with dyslexic children and adults.

4. The Debrief’s Songs To Study To – Jess Commons (Listened to this on my laptop)debrief

This Spotify Playlist compiled by Jess Commons for The Debrief is curated “according to science”.

I was ready posed for a very odd listening experience, especially when I didn’t realise that the first track was just silence. I got frustrated, skipped the song and then read the accompanying article which explained that the first track was just silence.

Honestly when listening to this playlist I procrastinated more by reading and researching into the science behind the song choices which meant I wasn’t actually working at all.

Overall I loved the idea of this playlist, it was fun, and tongue in cheek, and a really eclectic selection of tracks.

5. The Mac Twins Virgin Show 21/05/16 Best Bits (Listened to this on my laptop)


The Mac Twins, Lisa and Alana, are the Saturday night presenters on the newly launched Virgin Radio. This week for the first time they have produced a Best Bits package which is available on Soundcloud.

On the show was Fatman Scoop and Karen Harding fresh from Wembley Stadium singing the National Anthem at the FA Cup Final, where in fact she missed her cue. She talks about the technical issues she faced and what it was like singing in front of that many people.

The Mac Twins present well together and bounce off each other as if they can read each others minds, maybe they can.

That’s all for this week, keep listening and if you have any suggestions for things I should feature send them over to me on @cassiegalpin.


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